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At PremierPhysio we have a senior physiotherapist who has completed specialist training to treat the upper neck to ease/cure headache and migraine (Watson Headache Approach). Working out of our Runcorn clinic in Cheshire, we are centrally located to treat headache and migraine sufferers not only in Runcorn, but also Widnes, Halton and Warrington, as well as Chester.

Migraine can literally be a pain in the neck!

If you're a migraine or headache sufferer, we don't need to tell you how disruptive and inconvenient an attack can be. Often provoked by stress or a change of routine, they not only impact on you but also your family and friends. Many sufferers also worry about the impact on their work and permanently avoid triggers such as alcohol, chocolate and caffeine.

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Diagnosis of migraine can be complex, with no two people experiencing identical symptoms. Some get an aura (a visual disturbance), others are nauseous or sick. There are cases of numbness or loss speech, which can be very scary when it first happens. Many migraine suffers have seen neurologists, had scans and been taking medication for years. Often medication which was once effective loses its benefit and episodes of migraine become more frequent and aggressive over time; resulting in an increasing disruption to your life.

The role of the neck in headache and migraine has been underestimated. Disorders in the neck have the potential to cause migraine and other forms of headache, without necessarily feeling any pain in the neck itself.

So what does treatment involve?

Treatment is based upon physiotherapy techniques temporarily reproducing your symptoms, followed by an easing as the technique is sustained (Watson Headache Approach). This process confirms that a neck disorder is a significant factor in the cause of your headache or migraine. So after an initial assessment we can tell you whether treatment is likely to ease your symptoms. Treatment comprises of gentle sustained movement techniques directed at your upper neck. The aim is to restore normal movement of the joints in all directions by gradually stretching shortened spinal structures. These small movements are necessary for the joints to function normally. Techniques do not involve manipulation or "cracking" and we would expect an improvement within five treatments.

Help is on hand at Runcorn, Cheshire

At PremierPhysio in Runcorn, Cheshire our physios can also effectively treat headache and migraine using acupuncture and electroacunpuncture. After your initial consultation your physiotherapist will discuss with you the choice of treatments available for your headache or migraine symptoms.

"I have used numerous physios over the past 30 years; Vicki is the best I have encountered. To the extent I have recommended her to members of the circuit class I teach."

Steve, Liverpool

Don't just take our word for it. Check out more information on the success we can acheive using Physiotherapy and the Dean Watson approach. Use the link below:

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Not from Widnes, Halton or Warrington? Unable to visit us at our Runcorn Clinic in Cheshire? Locate a physiotherapist practicing the 'Watson Headache Approach' near you.

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Dean Watson headache and migraine clinic