Sports Massage

If you are looking to improve your sports performance, recovery after training or reduce the risk of sustaining an injury, sports massage may be able to help. At PremierPhysio in Runcorn, Cheshire we provide sports massage to Widnes, Warrington and Halton. Our treatment benefits office workers to elite athletes by focusing on your individual needs. The versatility and effectiveness of massage techniques also makes them an ideal treatment for many everyday aches and pains. Sports massage from our Runcorn based therapists can also compliment rehabilitation after an injury and physiotherapy.

An ankle Injury

Benefits of sports massage include:

- Improved sports performance: Pre event massage can stimulate circulation, calm the nervous system and prepare the athlete for optimal performance.

- Recovery from training: Increased blood flow through the tissues can improve the recovery process allowing the athlete to train more effectively and safely. It assists the removal of waste products and helps supply the tissues with essential nutrients to aid recovery.

- Reduce risk of injury: Imbalances and damage in deep tissues can be detected earlier and potentially corrected before an injury develops.

- Improved self awareness of your body: Through deep tissue massage an athlete can learn to monitor their own condition and adjust training accordingly.

Why not combine sports massage with hot stones?

Muscles are pretreated with the heated stones. This allows the therapist to intensify the sports massage and ease muscle soreness, to soothe and aid recovery. As the stone heats the muscle from within, it's up to five times more effective than conventional massage.

Hot Stones Massage is a specialty massage using smooth basalt lava stones to:

- Aid relaxation
- Help with insomnia
- Release of toxins
- Ease symptoms of arthritis
- Stress release
- Improve healing

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Massage, applied skillfully, is the most effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and improving strength and endurance. Spinal alignment can improve by relaxing tight postural muscles and addressing muscle imbalances in the body. Received regularly this may help athletes prevent injuries and improve postural pain in office workers.

"I've been receiving massage for the last few weeks. I have already noticed a huge difference."

Judy, Stretford

Our hot stones therapists are registered with the Federtion of Holistic Therpists. More information can be found at:

Federation of Holistic Terapists