Targeting the Cause ...
     ... not just the Symptoms
5th November lockdown update:

We're delighted to announce that we are staying open during the 5th November lockdown. We are able to continue with face to face appointments for ALL our services, in order to support our clients with a physical or mental health condition or injury. We continue to adhere to strict infection control measures and our staff are wearing appropriate PPE. Please contact us if you're considering booking an appointment and we'll explain any changes to our usual procedures and what we are doing to help keep everyone safe.

Remote Consultations Available…

CBT is a talking therapy and as such, video sessions work really well. Appointments can also be conducted by telephone, but video helps build rapport and promotes information sharing.

Online Physiotherapy offers advice, education and exercises; helping enable you to manage your problem. Personal exercise plans will be emailed following each appointment. Video is preferable, as you can demonstrate the movements that hurt and we can see work spaces or other areas that might be contributing to your issue.

If you have Private Medical Insurance, so far AXA, BUPA, Aviva, WPA and Nuffield have all agreed to cover video consultations and we are waiting to hear back from some of the other major insurers. We recommend that if you have a different insurer and wish to go down this route to contact them directly and check your cover.

Call: 01928 500557

Not Just Physiotherapy…

We are a friendly private clinic located in Runcorn, Cheshire.
Over the years we have grown from strength to strength; thanks to our dedicated and experienced team of staff and of course you, our loyal clients. Our services have evolved to include physiotherapy, sports massage, CBT, holistic health, podiatry and acupuncture; a well chosen mix of skills and experience to bring you an integrated approach to improving and maintaining your health and wellbeing.

PremierPhysio has been promoting health and helping our clients to achieve their goals since 2007. Our highly qualified and skilled therapists are passionate about their work and will treat you as a person first, understanding your concerns and what is important to you. We always strive to target the cause… not just the symptoms, so let us be your first port of call for any aches and pains.

Talk to a therapist first

You may have some questions about treatment or be unsure which therapy is right for you. Because we want you to be 100% sure we can help, we can arrange a free telephone consultation with a therapist. Please click below and fill out the short form, so we can arrange a call back.

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